Sunday, August 9, 2015

An Unlikely Place for a Cross

It's Sunday morning, and I thought I'd share this photo I took one day while hiking Oak View Road in Templeton. This road runs through a rural residential area, a place of small farms, vineyards, oak trees, and meadows visited by deer, wild turkeys, and turkey vultures. Ground squirrels also scamper across this road less traveled, which is, in fact, a dirt road only a mile long. There is not a church within a a few miles. Yet I saw this cross formed by utility poles. At least, from my perspective, it looked very much like a cross, even though no one had intended it to be one.

It stands as a reminder to those who walk this road that God made all the beauty on the earth and in the sky. He provides the sun and the rain which enable all the plants, from the smallest weed to the tallest oak, to grow. The Bible says these are gifts to all -- the just and the unjust. God loves everyone. Jesus showed that over two thousand years ago on a different cross when he took the sins of all of us upon himself to make reconciliation with God the Father possible. You can read about it in the chapter of John in the Bible. The cross is the symbol of God's grace to us.
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