Sunday, February 14, 2016

Getting Out of the House and to the Coast on Valentine's Day

Getting Out of the House and to the Coast on Valentine's Day
After Lunch at Touch of Paso Restaurant, © B. Radisavljevic
I think I've had cabin fever. Yesterday was the first time in over a year that I did not write any blog posts or spend time online. It was almost as though my brain just wanted to rest. So I let it. I read three books on my Kindle which weren't worth my time, watched a bit of TV, and stayed in bed a lot. I think I may have been half sick. For sure I was depressed.

Today we decided to get away for a few hours and break the routines I felt trapped in. First we went for lunch at Touch of Paso. We were the last to leave, so I  took this picture just before we paid our bill. Hubby is still double-checking it.

After we had eaten, we headed down Highway 46 West to Highway 1 to Leffingwell Landing. I wish I could have stopped along the way to take photos of the cattle on the green hills which stretched all the way to the sea. It was clear enough today to actually get a glimpse of the ocean from the highway, but all the viewpoints were on the other side of the road. I was hoping to catch some of those views on the way home, but it didn't happen.

It was a beautiful day to be on the coast. It was warm enough to enjoy without sweater. The sky was very blue and clear. The waves were large enough to make some high sprays as they splashed on the rocks. I made a video I may share later in the week. I didn't see the way to the boardwalk so I mainly took my photos from the parking lot and the stairway to the beach. Since it ended on a huge rock, I didn't  think it wise for me to go down to the beach via the rock. My knees weren't up to the rough surface. I did, however, get this photo from the parking lot.

Getting Out of the House and to the Coast on Valentine's Day
A View of Leffingwell Landing in Cambria, © B. Radisavljevic

People were friendly today and open to conversations with strangers. We met some people who lived in Fresno and they offered to take our picture together. We talked for a bit afterwards.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, another man pointed out some otters swimming some distance away. I would have missed them -- especially since my camera battery had just died and ended my being able to see through my zoom lens. I seem to have misplaced my spare camera and I couldn't find it before we left home, so I didn't get all the photos I'd hoped to get, including those I wanted to take of the hills on the way home.

It's amazing what a large dose of nature can do to combat depression. It sure beats talking to a therapist, is more fun, and a lot cheaper. I highly recommend it.
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