Monday, December 14, 2015

A Brief Look Inside the Paso Robles Public Safety Building

How to Find the Meeting Rooms: Doors

When I attended a workshop at the Paso Robles Public Safety Building, it was a mystery to me where the actual meeting would take place. I have been to many city meetings, but never one inside the Public Safety Building. I've never gotten farther in than the desk at the Police Station. I was trying to imagine where the meeting rooms might be. In case you've ever wondered, I'm going to give you a look inside. In the photo here, you see the outside entrance, which is like a gate.

Here's the same gate from a different perspective. It shows the context of the first photo.

The gate opens into a sort of courtyard. You walk through the courtyard until you come to these doors. It's confusing because it still feels like you are outside. The doors lead to a hallway that leads to the meeting rooms.

The Hallway Leads to Doors that Open to the Meeting Rooms

This is the hallway. Most of the windows and doors are tinted so you can't see through them when they are closed. Either that or it's just so dark each window and door appears to be a mirror and reflects whatever is in front of it. One room did appear to be a staff room with a coffee maker, and what usually goes with it. There were also restrooms, although I did not photograph them. The women's restroom had a shower, as well as whatever else you'd expect. You can click any photo to enlarge it.

The posters below show external views of the public safety building. See the story behind the statue in Sculptures by Central Coast Artist Vel Miller.

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