Saturday, December 19, 2015

Photos of Proposed Parking Lot Site at Larry Moore Park

West of Salinas River Trail through Larry Moore Park, © B. Radisavljevic
West Side of Salinas River Trail through Larry Moore Park
These photos are from my walk to see what parts of Larry Moore Park would be developed if the plan now proposed for the park is implemented. I walked the Salinas River Trail, part of which you see here at the extreme right of this photo. To the left are the river  and some of the trees at its edge. This photo was taken near the south end of the park, across from where I believe the proposed parking lot will be. If the parking lot goes in, the right side of the photo might be part of the driveway into it.

Site of Proposed Parking Lot at Larry Moore Park, © B. Radisavljevic
Site of Proposed Parking Lot at Larry Moore Park
This is what's on the east side of the trail between the trail and the homes on Riverbank Lane. I and my shadow are looking at the place I believe is  where the parking lot will be if they develop it where currently planned. I am assuming it would end just before that large tree in the background. At the extreme right of the photo are some of the homes homes that would be across from the parking lot. I'm looking at what would be the wider end of the parking lot.

Although I'm not sure exactly how this design will be implemented, I'm assuming there will be an entrance to the lot very close to what is now the south entrance of the park. Unfortunately I took my walk late in the afternoon when the shadows were long from the trees by the river.

To the extreme right of the photo you can see the slope between the path by Riverbank Lane that serves as a sidewalk and the narrow bit of field to the right of the trail (left side). The planners are hoping that slope will hide the parking lot from the view the residents across the street will see. It will not, however, hide the cars entering and exiting the lot. The path itself will either be part of or very close to the driveway around the parking lot.

It is easy to see why the residents of Riverbank Lane across from the park wish this parking lot would not be built.
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