Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Christmas Tree in Templeton Like No Other

A Big Christmas Tree in a Small Town

Templeton is a small rural town in North San Luis Obispo County. It does have a Main Street, and on that street you will find Matt's Music, Stage, and School. The owner, Matt Franscioni, has a Christmas tree outside his shop like no other I've ever seen. I've shown his shop here, and it stands out as much as the trees around it. The Matt's Music sign is right in front of the bottom of the Christmas tree. You can only see one of the guitar ornaments at the very top of this photo,  Like most trees on Main Street, it is too tall to get all of it in one picture up close.

Here's the top of the tree.

Matt Recycles "Dead" Guitars as Christmas Tree Ornaments

You will see that all the ornaments on this tree are real guitars. Matt calls them "dead" guitars and wasn't sure quite what to do with them, so he turned them into ornaments for his unique Christmas tree. I think this is a creative way to recycle and repurpose guitars that no longer perform as instruments. Don't you?

The tree is 70 feet tall and has over 40 guitar ornaments and thousands of lights. You can just imagine what a project trimming this tree must have been! I took this photo in the daylight so I could focus on the guitars. For a more comprehensive view of the tree lighted, see Matt's Music Facebook Page for a video showing the tree from all angles. His page also features other videos where you can see him making music.

This last photo shows you the store and the tree as you would see them from across Main Street. Notice how the trees overwhelm the buildings. If you are from a more urban area, this is probably quite a contrast to your main street through town. If you were to walk a few blocks south of here, the area becomes just a bit more commercial, with fewer businesses in houses, but you will still see big trees scattered everywhere.

Matt's ornaments are very special. Probably his guitars would be too big to hang on your tree. These ceramic ornaments which you can customize for special gifts will fit nicely on a tree of any size. Follow this link for a wide choice of ornaments for any subject, such as "first Christmas" or even Disney ornaments. They are available in metal or ceramic. Or follow the product links below for one of the many guitar ornaments available in ceramic.

 Guitar Version - What Feelings Sound Like Double-Sided Ceramic Round Christmas Ornament T-Rex Guitar Ornament Acoustic Guitar w/Sheet Music & Chrome Background Double-Sided Heart Ceramic Christmas Ornament Acoustic Guitar~Sheet Music On Barnwood Background Double-Sided Oval Ceramic Christmas Ornament Custom name yellow colorful electric guitars Double-Sided ceramic round Christmas ornament Guitar & Sheet Music Ornament Crocodile playing guitar on island Double-Sided ceramic round Christmas ornament
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