Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Shop Windows I'll Always Remember

The City Daily Photo monthly theme for December is "Shop Window." I decided to post one from a couple of years ago that shows our city cares about those less fortunate. This one is advertising the Toy Bank which gives free donated toys to needy children for Christmas.

Shop Window in December, © B. Radisavljevic
Barbara Radisavljeivc, Paso Robles, USA

The theme, though, reminds me of some of the shop windows I saw when I was a little girl when the big  department stores were downtown instead of in malls. In those days, a trip downtown was like visiting a wonderland. For me in those days downtown meant downtown Long Beach, California. The department store was Buffum's, although it was not the only store with the magic window displays.

A Christmas window back then was an extravaganza. There were moving toys everywhere. Maybe Santa could be seen in his workshop with busy elves packing toys while Rudolph and the other reindeer waited to depart. There were toy trains circling around the North Pole. Now some 65 years later, it's hard to remember the details. I had no camera back then. Just picture the decorated house that wins all the community awards for its display, and then imagine it in a store window.

I don't see those kinds of displays today. Maybe I just don't live in a place where stores still go all out in wanting to attract window shoppers with children. Maybe the malls ruined the tradition. Perhaps it's different in other states or other countries.

Do department stores in your community have magical displays in December to attract shoppers? Or just merchandise? Can you remember a really magnificent Christmas window display ? I'll be looking through the other photos on this theme from bloggers around the world.

Meanwhile,  maybe this will be the year you bring the magic of a model train into your home to circle the tree. Some of these can actually go around the standing part of your tree, instead of just on the ground. Be sure to get enough track if you have a large tree. Some on-site reviews feature videos.

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