Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Beautiful Sky Welcomes Coolness after a Hot Day

Moon in Pink Sky, © B. Radisavljevic
It was hot today in Paso Robles -- 102 degrees. It was hotter yesterday and stayed hot at night. So I was pleasantly surprised to walk out to my car about 6:30 and feel a cool breeze.

 When I was ready to leave for the gym a short while later, I walked out to see this moon surrounded by pink clouds. It's supposed to stay cool tonight and only be in the eighties tomorrow before turning hot again for the first day of autumn. Fortunately, the night temperatures are supposed to remain in the fifties all week. It's wonderful to be able to turn off the air conditioning at night and remain comfortable by opening the windows. Right now I'm in front of an open window with a cool wind blowing on me.

I love the sky views we have here in the North County. I'm definitely a sky watcher. Are you? Here are some of my other sky shots.  There are more sky photos here.
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