Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Winery Road in Templeton

Winery Road Offers a Quiet Walk in Paso Robles Wine Country

Take Vineyard or Las Tablas to Winery Road. I took this photo just after the curve Curve on Las Tablas where Winery Road starts, looking south toward Rotta Winery and Turley.

Winery Road, Templeton, looking south.

We have often walked this road which has little traffic. It starts at the west end of Las Tablas and dead ends into Vineyard Drive at Turley Winery. In this picture, Rotta Winery and its vineyards are on the left, and the Turley Vineyards are behind the trees on the right side. Both wineries are worth a visit and you can park at either one and walk to the other. The Rotta Winery has many historic displays from its early days. Below is part of one of them.

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