Monday, June 22, 2015

It Is Time To Clean Up in Paso Robles

Ready for City Clean-Up Week Pick-Up
Once a year the City of Paso Robles has a major clean-up event. The city is divided into two zones according to watering schedules, so that everyone does not water landscaping on the same days. Zone One waters on Tuesday and Saturday and Zone Two, mine, waters on Sunday and Wednesday. Woe to anyone who waters on an unscheduled day.

Our annual clean-up event lasts for two weeks, one week for each zone. During that week we are allowed to add up to seven bulky items or bundles of junk that will not fit into our regular trash and recycling containers. Those items can be old appliances, carpets,  mattresses, furniture, electronics, almost anything not toxic. We may put these things on the curb or in the street near our regular containers on our regular pick-up day. This saves residents the trouble and fees to take them to a junk yard.

Last year I was recovering from foot surgery before our clean-up week and could not prepare. This year, although I didn't  have time and strength to do as much as I'd wished, I at least was able to get rid of some bulky things that take up space. I'm hoping I'll start earlier next year in cleaning up my garage so that I can lay things aside to take out when clean-up week arrives. I took the photo above after I had taken everything to the curb for the pick-up this morning.

Does your city have this kind of event?


  1. Cool event for a city. Too bad it's only 7 items.

    1. Rhonda, I think most of us just wish it were more often.


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