Saturday, June 20, 2015

Another Funny Sign

Sorry, We don't train husbands, wives, or kids.
Sign at top of windshield says, "Sorry, we don't train husbands, wives, or kids."
The Templeton Farmers Market has much more than produce. Many non-food local businesses come there to find new contacts. One that is rather fun to watch is the Canine Tutors. As I was walking away from the market one day, I saw its van parked on the street, and I could not resist taking this picture. I thought the message on the top of the windshield was funny.

Canine Tutor and pupil taking a break in the shade.

This picture was taken about this time last year. It was as hot that day as it will be at Farmers Market today. The canine tutor usually shows how he has trained his own dog on these days and the dog does tricks. But as I was about to leave,  I caught them both taking a break in the shade. In the background you can see some of the produce vendors. You can click either photo to make it larger.