Thursday, July 9, 2015

If a Tree Fell and No One Heard It...

Fallen Pine Tree, © B. RadisavljevicAh! But when this tree fell  at 3 AM, someone did hear it and it rather scared them. After all, they were sleeping in the mobile home on our property that they rent from us, and this tree, had it fallen in a different direction, might have landed on them. We're not sure why it fell, but I'm guessing the drought and the recent winds may be partly responsible. As you can see, the tree is very large -- about a yard in diameter. It was hard to get its full length into this photo. For a closer look, click to enlarge photo.

Trees by Mobile Home 10-27-14, © B. Radisavljevic
This photo shows this tree with its neighbors last October. As far as I can tell, the tree that fell is the one on the right that is leaning. For sure it is one of the pines in the photo. The leaning one is taller than it looks. Its top is next to the sky farthest right. It's probably as tall as the one next to it. The corner of the mobile home is in the foreground, right corner.

Fallen Tree Roots , © B. Radisavljevic
This photo gives you a close-up of the tree's root system. That's not a lot to hold up a tree of this size. You will also get an idea of how rocky this ground is. Do you see the huge rocks the roots have uprooted? Remember, if you click on them, the photos will get much larger so you can see the details better.
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