Friday, July 10, 2015

Time To Gather Seeds from Kale in Paso Robles

Kale Seed Pods, © B. Radisavljevic
This shows the progress of my kale plant in my front Paso Robles flower bed. Part of it is still flowering, but it's time for me to start putting paper bags over the seed pods to catch the seeds when they start bursting.

I took the photo from above the plant, which is why it appears the pod stems are almost touching the grass. They are leaning down, but are still waist high. For a closer view, just click the photo. The yellowing pods are getting ready to burst. I plan to harvest the flowers to eat.

This post shows this same plant on June 18.

Are you growing kale? Do you plan to save your seed? How do you use kale? This book has some delicious looking recipes for kale and other nutritious greens that aren't as commonly used as lettuce and spinach.  You might want to try some of them if you are still not sure what to do with kale and other less familiar greens.

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