Sunday, July 19, 2015

Open House at Kennedy Fitness Adventure in Paso Robles

Kennedy Club Fitness Open House, July 18, 2015
We got a flyer at our door this week announcing an open house today at the Kennedy Fitness Club around the corner from my house. There would be music, special activities, and great deals on membership. My husband and has been a member in Atascadero for years and it's an important part of his life. I formerly was a member, but wasn't using my membership much, and I gave my husband the remainder of it when I decided to quit.

Since I've been having trouble with my knee, my doctor said I should be doing cycling. I don't have an exercise bike. I also think I may need some supervision now until I feel I know how to exercise on my own without hurting myself after my two surgeries last year and possibly knee surgery coming up. So I decided to join again today and take advantage of the special. The photo above was my first view of the club today.

Pool at Kennedy Fitness, Paso Robles
After I walked up the stairs, I could see people enjoying the pool. My plan was to stop by and shoot a few photos while the people were attending the open house. I knew it would be very crowded while the music was playing and the special activities were going on. So I decided to get the pictures on the way to do some errands, stop at home for lunch, and return about two hours after the end of the open house. I was told the special would still be good until 8 PM. I figured by 6:30 the crowd would be gone.

Going Down Stairs at Kennedy Fitness, Paso Robles
I was right. When I returned there were plenty of parking places, and that's very rare even on a normal day. I signed up and then spent twenty minutes on the exercise bike. Hardly anyone was still working out. I picked up a new membership card and then started down the stairs back to the parking lot.

Sign at Kennedy Fitness, Paso Robles
At the bottom of the stairs I saw this sign. In the photo below the sign is the dry waterfall it's referring to. I have seen the water falling in the past, so  it's sad it's dry,  but during this drought, everyone has to conserve.

Dry Waterfall at Kennedy Fitness, Paso Robles

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