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Quiet Places Near Paso Robles

Quiet Places Help Me Stay Sane in the Midst of Stress

One thing I really appreciate about living in Paso Robles and Templeton is the number of quiet places one can find close to home when one needs a short retreat from stress or noise. If neighborhood power machinery gets to me, I can hop in the car and be somewhere quiet in five or ten minutes. That was not the case when I lived in southern California. Here are some of my quiet places to destress near my homes in Templeton and Paso Robles.

Quiet Places Near Paso Robles
Quiet Meadow Across from Industrial Park on Linne Road in February before Rain, © B. Radisavljevic

Paso Robles Quiet Escapes

The River Walk

I have written extensively about the Salinas River Trail and Larry Moore Park elsewhere on this blog and on HubPages. Check out My Search for the River and How It Found Me and Short Walk to the River to get a feel for how secluded the park and riverbed can be on weekdays. The park is busier on weekends, and our peace may not last too much longer after the city builds new ballfields and parking lots there. For now, though, it's a short walk from home when the gardener comes with his power machinery.

Quiet Places Near Paso Robles
Tree Hanging over bed of Salinas River, Larry Moore Park, © B. Radisavljevic

Oak Lane

I can also take a ten-minute walk to Oak Lane, a road with small farms just outside the city limits. There I can see a variety of farm animals and huge oak trees on this quiet country back road that ends beside the river.

Quiet Places Near Paso Robles
A Large Oak Tree on Oak Lane in Paso Robles, © B. Radisavljevic


When I'm in Templeton, there are too many quiet country roads to even list here. My favorite quiet places when I walk in the late afternoon or early evening just at dusk are the vineyards. I prefer those that don't have gates to lock me out when the tasting rooms close.  One of my favorites is Peachy Canyon Tasting Room. The grounds are beautiful and also quiet after the tourist have left for the day.

This is one of my favorite spots there. I love the oaks, in which the squirrels often play.

Quiet Places Near Paso Robles
Peachy Canyon Gazebo Behind Tasting Room,  © B. Radisavljevic

After finishing a visit to the grounds of Peachy Canyon's Tasting Room, it's often about time for the sun to set. If there are a lot of clouds to make that sunset interesting, I usually head a bit farther south on Bethel Road and park by the windmill at Castoro Cellars. The entrance gate is usually closed by then, but Bethel Road is peaceful and sunsets are beautiful there. Here is one of them.

Quiet Places Near Paso Robles
Golden Sunset with Castoro Cellars Windmill, © B. Radisavljevic

Another peaceful place to walk is actually quite close to the 101 Freeway, just west of South Vine -- Twelve Oaks Drive. The first thing you see there is Doce Robles Winery. It has one of the best views of the sky from any direction. The vineyards are quiet and the views are scenic. Sometimes I get no farther than the vineyards, but sometimes I walk quite a way south on Twelve Oaks Drive, which is a dirt road that leads past other vineyards and small farms.

Quiet Places Near Paso Robles
Oak Tree Beside Doce Robles Vineyard, © B. Radisavljevic

I put one of my favorite shots of the Castoro Cellars Windmill on these two Zazzle products.

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Quiet Places Near Paso Robles

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