Saturday, April 2, 2016

B is for Barney Schwartz Park #AtoZchallenge

B is for Barney Schwartz Park

This is my second day of the #AtoZchallenge. "B" is for Barney Schwartz Park. It has something for everyone. There is fishing in the lake, and if you don't fish, you can watch the turtles. There are playgrounds on both the upper and lower levels of the park, and playing fields for softball, football, and soccer. There are plenty of paths for those who want to ride bikes or skateboard or just take a walk. 

Taking a photo walk is my favorite activity there. As you can see, I like to photograph the turtles. I also like to photograph the many unique oak trees and the flowering trees in season. You can see some of the playing fields and flowering trees in the photo below. Barney Schwartz Park is a lovely place to spend the day. Click to this previous post for more photos of the lake at Barney Schwartz Park

B is for Barney Schwartz Park
Playing Fields and Flowering Trees at Barney Schwartz Park, © B. Radisavljevic

When I first moved here 23 years ago, my husband and I took a drive east on Union Road when Barney Schwartz was nothing but an undeveloped area. We saw the sign for the park and got out to look around, but it wasn't much fun walking through the weeds. Back then it would have been hard to believe how scenic this area would be.  I have to give the City of Paso Robles credit for a job well done on this playground for all ages in all seasons.
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