Friday, April 29, 2016

York Mountain / Epoch Winery Barn Old and New

We first went in search of the York Mountain Winery while on a walk on York Mountain Road in January 2012. We knew York Mountain Winery was the first winery built on the California Central Coast. Andrew York established it as Ascension Winery in 1882 before there was a Highway 46. Unfortunately we never saw the historic winery and tasting room before the 2003 earthquake made the buildings unfit for use. When we finally found the winery, it had the name York Mountain Winery. It had changed ownership several times since Andrew York first sold it . The tasting room was in this modular unit.

We took pictures of all the buildings and the scenery, but what intrigued us most was the old barn.

When we returned in 2014, we saw the what was then the Epoch Winery had built this new barn, which we could see from the top of a hill.

We decided to get a closer look.

Since it was open, we decided to look around. We met all the horses, but Sam was easiest to photograph.

York Mountain, now Epoch Winery, has an interesting history. You can read about it and the other Central Coast wineries in Wines and Wineries of California's Central Coast: A Complete Guide from Monterey to Santa Barbara by William Ausmus.

If you'd like to remember a bit of history before all these buildings are gone, if, in fact they aren't already gone, you might want to grab one of these puzzles or postcards from my Zazzle store.

I can hardly wait for an opportunity to check out the new buildings at Epoch. Perhaps they are already open. The new owners have kept the historical photos in the tasting room and on the walls of the restroom for you to see. They have been and are still restoring the historic buildings to retain their sense of the past.

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