Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for Dark Star Cellars

D is for Dark Star CellarsD is for Dark Star Cellars. Ever wonder why someone would name a winery Dark Star Cellars? I have wondered ever since I started passing the tasting room and vineyard when it arrived in my neighborhood. I had visited it and photographed it, but I had never asked where the name came from. 

Today I found out while reading a ViciVino.com interview with the owners, Norm and Susan Benson. Norm said it "symbolizes my passion to produce stellar red wines or dark stars."

D is for Dark Star Cellars

Dark Star Cellars is a couple of miles down the highway from me, and I stopped in one late afternoon to take some photos only to find the tasting room closed and the bottling truck getting ready to bottle the wine -- something I've always wanted to watch. I was delighted. Here's some of what I saw.

Here's a still photo of the truck.

D is for Dark Star Cellars
Bottling Truck Beginning Work at Dark Star Cellars, © B. Radisavljevic

Dark Star Cellars Winery with its vineyards and tasting room is found in the heart of Paso Robles 46 West Wine County. It's one of the Anderson Road wineries just off 46 West, the first on the left side as you turn off the highway onto Anderson. Brian Benson Cellars Tasting Room was also located in the Dark Star building. Brian is Norm and Susan's son. I guess winemaking runs in many North County families. I just read that Brian has moved his tasting room to 2915 Limestone Way, Paso Robles. I've not yet been there.

D is for Dark Star Cellars
View of Dark Stars Property from Hill above Dark Star Cellars, © B. Radisavljevic

The photo above was taken last week from Grey Wolf Winery which is on a hill overlooking Anderson Road. It shows a more recent view than the first two  photos and the one at the end which were taken in March, 2012. 

I love the way the color of the Dark Star buildings contrast with the grass and vines of the vineyard. That's why I used the photo below to design a number of products one can personalize. This is just a sample of what's available. You can even use your photo instead of mine or add text. See the rest of my products with the Dark Star Cellars design here. 

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D is for Dark Star Cellars

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