Thursday, December 17, 2015

Squirrel Hunting at the Medical Center in Templeton

I had only intended to get quote for new lenses at the optical center at San Luis Eye Associates this afternoon. It only took a few minutes, and as I was headed back to my car, I saw a ball of gray fur in motion at the base of a pine tree near my car. Fortunately I had my camera in my purse. I pulled it out to go squirrel hunting. Before I could focus on the ball of fur, it was heading up the tree. Squirrels are very quick. If you can't see this one clearly, click this or any photo to enlarge it.

He spent a bit of time moving from limb to limb and branch to branch. He settled for a minute or two here. Then he took off again to explore the tree. At one point a friend joined him, but I couldn't get the two together. They were chasing each other.

After after one squirrel jumped to the next tree and explored it for a while, he (or she?) decided to start down. Then my husband, whom I'd not expected to see, drove into the lot to pick up his glasses and I went back in to see what he was up  to.

When he left I stayed to see where my prey had gone. I finally spied a squirrel in the second tree. It might have been either of them. It finally started down.

After coming down, the squirrel ran along the edge of the parking lot near the trees toward a fence by another tree. I did take the photo of him on the fence, but it was blurry. Those squirrels seem to go into motion the minute you get in focus. I finally lost track of him. I couldn't help but wonder where his home was. There were so many trees in the area he could have lived anywhere.

After he was out of sight, there wasn't much point in hanging around the parking lot any longer, so I started toward the car to go home. On the way I took a picture of where the whole adventure had started. For, of course, it started in this hole.

Do you like squirrels? Perhaps you'd like to send some of these squirrel photo cards to some friends.

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