Saturday, December 5, 2015

Photos of North County Transport Center Buses

A tip about where to find autumn color took me to the North County Transport Center on Pine Street today. I didn't find all the color I had hoped for, but I did see a lot of buses coming and going at Velta Circle. People were boarding the sleek white bus you see here, but it had no markings. I believe it is connected to Amtrak, which has buses that connect to trains that leave from here. It's style and coloring are Amtrak, but the name Amtrak is not visible on this bus.

Photos of North County Transport Center Buses
Buses at North County Transport Center in Paso Robles, CA

This second photo shows some of the different bus types that use this center, which, of course, is also used by the Amtrak trains. You see the Paso Robles Express Shuttle bus, the SLORTA bus, and the white Amtrak bus.

Photos of North County Transport Center Buses
Velta Circle in Paso Robles

In the photo above you can also see the magnificent oak tree in the center of Velta Circle. Like the other trees in this parking lot, it is losing its leaves. The sweetgum tree in the top photo has lost about half its leaves, and the colorful ornamental pear in the right corner of this photo is dropping its red leaves on  the sidewalk below it.

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