Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day in the Shade Memories

One thing I love about my county is the opportunity to see local artists exhibiting their work in multiple places. One annual exhibit happens at Templeton City Park on the Saturday before Mother's Day every year. By that time the weather is nice and people are often looking for just the right Mother's Day gift. They know they will see many one-of-a kind items. The man in the picture to the left has probably seen a lot by now and is trying to decide if he should buy here or at another booth. This booth is Barry's Woodturning. To see more detail, click to enlarge a photo.

All kinds of artists come to exhibit. We see photographers and painters. People bring what they have created from glass,old flatware, old wine barrels, and any number of other inventive materials. There is always lots of handmade jewelry, as well. This booth features recycled metal objects. Things made from old flatware are very popular and were seen at more than one booth.

Besides the art exhibits, which I've barely introduced here, there is music on the stage and face painting and art activities for children. There is also wine tasting for the adults who want to relax and recover from all that "window" shopping. In the photo below you can see two of my winery neighbors exhibiting their wares.

These photos came from Day in the Shade 2012, but many of the same exhibitors come each year. If you'd like a more comprehensive tour of this event, I made one for Day in the Shade 2011 that give you a better idea of what there is to see, Besides the photos you will see a video of Dan Shattuck's very crowded booth of recycled flatware products, and an interview with glass artist Rachel Tamagni. 

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