Friday, November 3, 2017

A Rude Awakening!

Worse Than an Alarm Clock!

I got to bed later than usual last night because I encountered some technical problems I wanted to solve while they were fresh in my mind. That meant I got to sleep around 3:30 am. After all, the noisy roofers were gone and the neighbors' gardeners don't usually use their leaf blowers and mowers here until around noon.

As I was attempting to sleep, I heard a very loud and horrible sound that seemed to be right outside my bedroom window. It was actually in the backyard next door. By the time I jumped out of bed with my camera, the crew was working in the front yard, but it was just as loud. Imagine a dentist drill with the volume multiplied a hundred times.

A Rude Awakening! Stump removal is noisy!
Tree Stump Removal Crew, © B. Radisavljevic

They look a lot happier than I was. They had started at 7:30 am. At first my box fan and my white noise machine let me sleep another 90 minutes. I was going to try to listen to the radio on top of that to drown out the sounds and try to go back to sleep, but nothing doing. Their power equipment seemed to be causing interference with my radio transmission.

The Noise

Normally my fan or white noise machine can block out the common outside and inside noises like shutting the microwave door in the kitchen, neighbors slamming car doors outside, normal gardening equipment in other yards, and voices. They didn't have much effect on these sounds of loud tree grinding equipment.

I found out when I took my photos that the crew was removing stumps of shrubs and trees from my neighbor's yard to expedite his xeriscaping project. For your listening "pleasure" I have including a quick video with three small episodes of the noise I endured this morning. They are actually quieter than when they woke me when working in the backyard, which was closer to my bedroom.

Rain at Last!

As I was talking to my neighbor while I was taking the last batch of photos, it began to rain a few drops -- just enough to send me inside to protect my camera. What fell dried up while I was processing the video and editing these photos. Here's  proof that some rain did fall.

A Rude Awakening! Stump removal is noisy!
Raindrops on my Front Sidewalk, © B. Radisavljevic

The Aftermath of the Stump Removal

When the workmen finished, I had to admit they'd done a good job and left a pretty piece of bare ground where the old shrubs used to be. I just wish it could have been done more quietly so I could get my full night's sleep.

A Rude Awakening! Stump removal is noisy!

How well do you tolerate the noise of power equipment outside your window?


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