Thursday, November 9, 2017

I Don't Know What's Wrong!

It's a Sad Day for Me

I've been having trouble importing photos from my camera to my Windows PC for some time now. The photos would import, but the importing window would not close. I found a work-around by closing with the Task Master. Then I'd put the SanDisk into my iMac and import into it with no problems and it would erase the pictures on the SanDisk. It didn't work that way today. Out of the 71 photos I took today, I have only five that imported. Three of them are here.

Thursday Tree Love

This was the first day I was planning to participate in #ThursdayTreeLove. In today's photoshoot I concentrated on the trees on my block. I photographed bark, several birch trees, ornamental pear tree fruits, leaves turning color, and much more. I was planning several posts around those photos. I have only five photos that loaded and as you can see they aren't the best ones. So I'm sad because I'm not sure what's wrong. The gray day today fits my mood. Here's another photo from this batch -- the one I'll use for the Thursday Tree Love. 

So What Could Be Wrong?

I've narrowed it down to a defective SanDisk, a defective disk drive on my PC, since that's where the symptoms started, or something wrong in the software. I'm inclined to think it's the SanDisk. Since it's been acting up for weeks on the PC during the import, I thought it was the drive. But today it imported the few photos it did get very slowly. Normally within a couple of minutes even over a hundred pictures will import. Today it took about ten minutes to get those five photos and then another half hour or so for the drive to indicate the import was finished. All the photos after the first five were blank. 

When I ejected the drive from the PC and put it into the iMac, I expected the iMac would import the pictures as usual. Unfortunately I also had a thumb drive I was using in the iMac at the time, and when I put the SanDisk in, the iMac never even recognized it. When I finished my work with the thumb drive and ejected it, I also removed the SanDisk and then put it in again. The iMac still never knew it was there. If it's not the PC or the iMac or the SanDisk, that leaves only my fairly new camera, a Canon PowerShot SX410 IS. I hope it's not that. It's the only camera I have left. 

If any of you very experienced photographers has any idea which is the most likely culprit, I'd love to know. I was thinking of taking the disk into a tech person at Walmart tomorrow to see if the pictures show on their computer and if they can be saved. I'll also try another disk tomorrow to see if it works and unloads. 

I guess I'll have to repeat my photoshoot when I get this figured out. 

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