Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 28 is National Daisy Day

January 28 is National Daisy Day
Shasta Daisy Flower Beginning to Open
 © B. Radisavljevic

Since daisies bloom in June or July, I can't help  but wonder why January 28 is National Daisy Day. Maybe it's a hint that people who want daisies in July should start planting seeds inside in January to have plants to put outside when the weather warms up in spring. This photo was taken on July 8 in Templeton, California, and the daisy flower is just beginning to open. Shasta daisy seeds can grow plants ready to bloom in about five months.

January 28 is National Daisy Day Of course, there are other ways to have daisies in January. They just aren't living daisies. An example would be this bouquet of approximately seventy artificial daisies (attached to each other as a whole bouquet) available at Amazon. One reviewer states they are very lifelike, even to their fuzzy yellow centers.

 Although there is only one stem at the bottom, making the daisy bouquet easy to place in the vase of your choice, the individual stems are bendable above that so that you can arrange the daisies the way you want them in the vase. Best of all, they won't ever wilt, die, or shed petals and pollen on your furniture. They can also be enjoyed by people who are allergic to the real flowers, but would still like to enjoy the beauty. Why not send someone this lasting bouquet to brighten the winter months?

Another way to light up your life or that of a friend with daisy cheer is getting this daisy night light, complete with visiting ladybug. It got high reviews on Amazon. You can turn it on at night and off in the morning, but unlike some night lights, it does not automatically sense when to go on and off by itself. It is hand-painted and made of bonded marble -- no plastic. I like it much better than a plain old plastic night light.

If you prefer another flower to daisies, click the link above or the image, you will see similar night lights made by the same company, Ibis and Orchid Design, in an assortment of flowers. This one even features a hummingbird drinking from a trumpet vine.

In my garden, Shasta daisies mix well with other flowers and even herbs. They add a cooling effect when  they bloom in July. Even before they bloom, though, they look nice next to blooming oregano. These daisies are just budding in the middle of June.

January 28 is National Daisy Day
Budding Shasta Daisies Next to Blooming Oregano, © B. Radisavljevic

Do you love daisies? What is your favorite flower?
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