Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 12 is Work Harder Day

I think someone has it in for me. Some person somewhere decreed that yesterday was National Clean Off Your Desk Day. For the average neatnik, that might not be too big a deal. I, however had to work really hard for most of the day to even make a dent. Now some anonymous person somewhere has decreed that January 12 is Work Harder Day. Come on! Don't I get a break after slaving away yesterday? I do.

So I'll show you a person who always had to work harder. He was the employee at the office of one of my doctors who always seemed short-staffed. Whenever I visit the office there is a constantly ringing phone to be answered while someone else waits on hold. Patients need to check in and out. The doctor keeps asking for information from the front desk or one of the medical assistants. It has got to be the busiest office I've ever seen. It's always a madhouse. Did I mention this fellow is no longer there?

I will work hard today. After working so hard at my desk yesterday, I'll have to catch up with my writing and other chores. I know my laundry is calling me. I have some cooking ahead to do, too. In fact, I may actually have to work harder today after all -- just not as hard as yesterday.

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