Sunday, May 3, 2015

B is for Baby's Babble -- A Great Resource for New Mothers

Gabrielle Regalado at Baby's Babble, Paso Robles
Gabrielle Regalado at Baby's Babble, Paso Robles
When I get out of the car and walk downtown, I often discover businesses I never knew were there. Such was the case when I passed Babby's Babble on the way to Amsterdam Coffee House last week. I think the word "Consignment" on a sign in the window is what made me go in. Shops that take used baby items to sell on consignment for people who don't need them anymore are a great help for those who do need those same items. Everybody wins. 

Mom's Corner at Baby's Babble, Paso Robles
As I was chatting with owner Gabrielle Regalado, she pointed out the Mom's corner at the back of the store. It holds a lot of new handmade items moms sell on consignment. Of course, if you want new clothes for baby, Baby's Babble has those, too. You can click on this photo to enlarge it.

See new inventory as it comes in on the Baby's Babble Facebook Page, and also items on sale. I can see just by the action on  the Facebook page that Baby's Babble is already getting popular with moms of young children. If you have toddlers, a new baby,  or are about to become a mom, you will want to pay Baby's Babble a visit soon. If you have baby items you no longer need, it might be a good idea to give Gabrielle a call at 805-356-4798. 

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