Sunday, May 24, 2015

W is for Windward Tasting Room

Windward Tasting Room in Paso Robles
I have never been in this tasting room, because the day I walked past the vineyard, the tasting room was already closed. We also got sidetracked helping a man who was mowing across the street from Windward get his mower out from a ditch on the side of the road. (Meaning my husband was supervising.)

I took a video,  never posted, of this process of the tractor trying to get the mower out,  and I see now that the the tractor's owner may actually be Marc, who owns Windward. The face is not clear enough in my video to tell for sure.

If you want to see some better photos of Windward and watch a video about their wines, I invite you to the Windward website through this link.  Today I'm only going to satisfy the minimum requirement for a Daily City Blogger in the network -- to post a photo from my city every day with some description.
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