Sunday, May 10, 2015

I Is for Idler's Home

Early Refrigerator on Display at Idler's Appliances in Paso Robles.
Appliances have changed a lot during my lifetime. I remember seeing people with refrigerators like the one in the photo when I was very young.  I remember watching my mom using one of the first "automatic" washers with a wringer back in the 1940's. I also remember how delighted she was to get her first Maytag really automatic washer a few years later. But we still took turns hanging clothes on the line to dry a few years longer before we were able to get a dryer.

Part of Idler's Outlet Center in Paso Robles
Since those days both Mom and I bought many more appliances of all kinds. Since we both moved to the North County, I in 1993, and Mom in 1995, we have both bought appliances at Idler's. My husband and I bought our last refrigerator in their outlet store a few years ago when the outlet store was still in Atascadero.

Now the newer Paso Robles Idler's houses the Outlet Center for the North County. This photo shows just part of the Outlet Center, which carries new but slightly blemished merchandise for greatly reduced prices. Believe me when I say the selection in the Outlet Center is almost as large as the selection in the main store. There are washers, dryers, stoves of all kinds, dishwashers, wall ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators, cook tops, freezers, you name it.

Idler's Living Room Set
Back in the main showroom I was amazed to see how much has been added to Idler's offerings since the store moved from downtown to Theater Drive. They now have major brand mattresses, sofas, recliners, and other upholstered furniture. Idler's has just about anything upholstered you might want for living room or bedroom on display.

Idler's also has model kitchens on display, like this one. They include not only the appliances, but also the cabinets.

Model Kitchen at Idler's

Oven Display at Idler's
Of course, the appliances are still the main offerings at Idler's. I've never seen such a large selection of kitchen and laundry room appliances under one roof anywhere. It could be overwhelming without the helpful salespeople to assist you in  finding what will best meet your needs.

If you explain the features you need, they will know which of their appliances will meet your requirements. They can also help you determine whether what you want will work in your kitchen or how to make it work.

Idler's Outdoors in Paso Robles
Idler's can even provide what you need to enjoy your yard more. They have outdoor grills, outdoor refrigerators, spas, and more.

In addition to finding the best selection of appliances in town, I like to shop at Idler's because Don Idler gives back to the community. He was named Atascadero's 2009 Citizen of the Year by the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce. Whenever a drop-off place is needed for a local charity drive, I usually hear Idler's mentioned in the list of places you can drop off your food or other contribution.

 Idler's sponsors a local "Mom and Apple Pie Contest" every May with great prizes for the winners.  (See this year's winners here.) Idler's (along with Whirlpool) donated several refrigerators to the local Food BankCoalition of San Luis Obispo County. Idler and his employees also personally support Loaves and Fishes, the El Camino Homeless Organization, and other local charities serving those in need.  In addition Idler's sponsors a team for the Relay for Life. So when I shop at Idler's I know I'm helping my community more than I would be were I shopping the big box stores which don't have anywhere near the selection Idler's does.

Be sure to check the Idler's website for location, hours, and current best buys. Why not pay them a visit first when you need appliances, mattresses, or furniture? You probably won't feel the need to go anywhere else.
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