Sunday, February 1, 2015

What I'd Miss Most If I Had to Leave Paso Robles Forever

I'd Miss the Oak Trees

There are actually two things I would really miss if I left Paso Robles forever. One is the oak trees. The other is the vineyards.

What I'd Miss Most If I Ever Had to Leave Paso Robles Forever
The Oak Tree Across the Street at Sunset
The oak tree pictured above lives across the street from me in the Riverbank tract of Paso Robles. It is the perfect frame for the sunset each night. Were I to move I would miss both the tree and the stunning sunsets that appear behind it every evening we have clouds in the sky.

Of course, this is not the only oak tree I'd miss. We have our own oak tree on our Templeton property.

What I'd Miss Most If I Ever Had to Leave Paso Robles Forever

Zazzle Products that Combine What I Like Best about Living in Paso Robles 

These Zazzle posters, puzzles, tiles and other products were made from photos I took in my neighboring vineyards. They will show you more of the views that make me glad to live in Paso Robles. Most of them appear on a variety of other products like shirts, postcards, electronic cases, and dinnerware. You will notice most of the views of vineyards have an oak in sight somewhere. It's hard to find a vineyard without an oak in or near it. You can't drive down the main streets of Templeton or Paso Robles without finding one or more majestic oak trees.

The Vineyards in and Around Paso Robles

The other thing I would miss most is the opportunity to roam through all the vineyards with my camera in my hand. It would be hard to choose one favorite among them. I most often visit the Bethel Road vineyards: Veris Vineyards (no longer open as a winery,) Peachy Canyon Winery, Castoro Cellars, and Zenaida, which is across Highway 46 West from Bethel Road. I cannot leave out Doce Robles, where I often stop to capture the sunset on the way to Templeton in the evenings or Sculpterra with its magnificent sculpture garden. I have often attended the Community Independence Day Party Dr. Frankel, the owner, hosts there.

What I'd Miss Most If I Ever Had to Leave Paso Robles Forever
View from Rotta Vineyard.
Our house is that white spot in the middle of the clump of trees in the center. 

I suppose if I have to choose the vineyard I would most miss seeing, though, it would be the ones surrounding our Templeton home  -- our personal vineyard views. One is over the hill and I see it when I'm in my garden. I believe it's part of the Rotta Winery, since I've walked to the top of that hill and looked down at our house. (See photo above.)

What I'd Miss Most If I Ever Had to Leave Paso Robles Forever
The vines at the top over our back fence belong to Croad Vineyards

As we come in our driveway in Templeton, we see the Croad vineyard across our back fence. It is our privilege to see the vine color change through the seasons. The vines are usually most beautiful in autumn during harvest time.

What I'd Miss Most If I Had to Leave Paso Robles Forever
Please Pin This Photo of Paso Robles Wine Country in Autumn



  1. Love your comment about "if there are clouds", we seldom have a day without clouds, sometimes it;s overcast (a lot of the time, it is overcast).

  2. We have a lot of clouds here, too, but we also have days without them. Those days the sky is not so photogenic. I appreciate your comment.

  3. I especially love the one of the oak at sunset. Beautiful photography!

    1. That is right across from my house and the sunset is different every night. I have quite a photo collection with that tree as the subject. .


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