Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chasing Storm Clouds in Doce Robles Vineyards

I am a cloud fanatic, as you have probably already figured out. My two favorite subjects for photography are the sky and trees, especially oak trees. That's one reason I can often be found in the vineyards of Paso Robles and Templeton, California. One vineyard where I spend a lot of time is Doce Robles. It has magnificent vineyards and some splendid oak trees. This is my favorite. You can click this photo or any other to enlarge it. The blooming trees in the background show better that way.

When I first got to the vineyard I was met by the dogs. They are the official greeters. But they relaxed a bit and hardly noticed when I walked past them here.

One reason I love this vineyard for photography is that there is always a clear view of the sky all the way around. The trees make wonderful frames for the sky shots, and the only obstacles are a few wires to work around. I can normally manage to avoid those. 

Today the clouds were dramatic. I had taken a few photos of them downtown, but I knew at Doce Robles there would not be any buildings in my way to obscure my view. Very often I'll be driving home near sundown and see a gorgeous sunset ahead of me on 46 West and I know the sun will be gone before I get home, so I turn onto Twelve Oaks Drive and park at Doce Robles to shoot my photos before dark. That's what I did on November 10, 2013 when I saw a lovely pastel sunset ahead of me. Since it was autumn, the vines were red under the pink and lavender sky. 

Today I could not stay until sunset, so I concentrated on the clouds. I was looking southwest. The road you see below is Highway 46 West. The building in the background is SummerWood's Guest Inn. 

Have you ever visited the Paso Robles 46 West Wine country or Doce Robles?

Since we've taken a lot of pictures at Doce Robles, we have a lot of Doce Robles gift items in our Zazzle store. This mouse pad below features the tasting room at Doce Robles. 
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