Saturday, February 14, 2015

Walking to Birdsong

Today I explored a new walking path in Paso Robles that was part of a residential development. If I had to give that walk a theme, it would be birds. Birdsong accompanied me wherever I walked, and birds were flying almost everywhere I looked. Some flew overhead or in the distance, in flocks and in pairs, chasing each other. Those were too quick to catch on camera. I guess all of us were enjoying a beautiful and warm day. It was almost like summer, rather than winter.

I was able to capture some who had decided to perch. Most perched in trees. Since I'm no expert, I can't identify all of them I saw. But I know some were crows and some were pigeons. It's the smaller birds I don't know. Here are a couple of those. The other is in the tree above.

Here is a crow perched in a tree across the street. I had to catch him with a zoom.

Lastly, I will introduce the pigeons. They like to perch on top of the street lamps. I had to photograph them with the zoom, too. Until I uploaded this photo, I thought there was only one of them up there. There had been three, but those pictures didn't come out. What a surprise to find that two birds were still up there.

You can enlarge any of these photos to their original size to see more detail by clicking on them.

What sort of birds do you see now in your area?
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