Sunday, February 8, 2015

Niner Estates after the Rain

Rain Makes The Vineyards Look Green

It rained today in our North County. That means our wine country turned green between the rows of vines. The vines themselves, of course, are still brown.

I really wanted to get some photos of all the green, and there was finally a lull in the storm. I took advantage of it on the way back to Paso Robles by stopping at Niner Estates, home of Heart Hill, which you see in the photo.

Niner Estates after the Rain
Heart Hill at Niner Estates in Paso Robles

Niner Estates is one of our more picturesque winery destinations. It's always beautiful, but especially at this time of year. The stone on the buildings adds to their character, and the oaks on the hills just pull everything together.

A Peek Inside the Tasting Room

I peeked inside the tasting room today and it was very busy. Maybe people do more wine tasting when the weather is bad. There was a group in line to get wine to taste and all the chairs in front of the fireplace were occupied. It was just the right place to be on a rainy day.

Niner Estates after the Rain
A Cozy Fire Inside the Niner Estates Tasting Room

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