Monday, February 6, 2017

46 West Wine County is Green Again

46 West Wine Country is Green After the Rains

I had a view minutes to stop and photograph the green pastures on my way to our Templeton house today. I stopped at the Tooth and Nail Winery castle parking lot and walked as far east on the property as I could go. I took this photo from behind the winery. I love the green pastures, the fences that divide them, the oaks, and the green grass between the rows of vines.

46 West Wine County is Green Again
Countryside East of Tooth and Nail Winery

When I saw the cattle enjoying one of the pastures just east of Tooth and Nail Winery, I knew I had to photograph them. I used my zoom because I could not get too close. I took the photo from the back of the Tooth and Nail Winery. The photo is divided in the middle by Highway 46. You can see a vineyard on the other side of it, as well as the oak trees.

46 West Wine County is Green Again
Castle Grazing on Land Just East of Tooth and Nail Winery

This view as I looked down at 46 West from the castle parking lot drew my attention. Since I used a zoom, the view across 46 looks closer than it really is. The light is dim looking south, since I took this series of photos around 4:40 and the sky overcast.

46 West Wine County is Green Again
Looking Across Highway 46 West from  Tooth and Nail Winery Parking Lot

Sky Journal 

I'm changing the location of the sky journal today. It was gray almost all day between the oak and the palms where I usually record changes in the sky. The photos around 4:40 from the castle grounds were more interesting.  This is my favorite. 

46 West Wine County is Green Again
Sky View from Tooth and Nail Parking Lot, 2-6-17 about 4:40PM Looking West

When I got to the house, I had to capture this sky as I looked east on 46 toward Highway 101. It was about 4:50 and you can see just how gray the sky is in contrast to the tiny bit of light where the road meets the horizon. Notice the mustard is beginning to bloom on the side of the slope

46 West Wine County is Green Again
Looking East on Highway 46 West about 4:50, 2-6-17

Lastly, we see the sky looking southwest over some of our trees as I turned in my driveway. Just a bit of sun is peeking through the gray clouds.

46 West Wine County is Green Again
Sun Peeks through Clouds Over Trees on Our Land. 


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