Sunday, January 1, 2017

My 2016 Photos of the Year

It's Theme Day and the Theme is Photo of the Year

City Daily Photo bloggers all post to the same theme on the first day of every month. This month we get to choose what we consider the best or favorite photo from our blog posts in 2016. I have chosen my favorite from one of my most popular posts -- Search for Big Sandy Wildlife Area through San Miguel's Back Roads

My 2016 Photo of the Year from Paso Robles in Photos
Horses in San Miguel on the Back Roads
I'm not sure why this is my favorite, but I think it's because the horses are relaxing together and they appear to be companions. They are also beautiful horses. 

My Favorite Photo from 2016 Not Published in This Blog

This photo was taken as we returned home from our holiday trip to visit friends and relatives in Southern California. We just happened to be looking for a rest stop in Ventura as the sun was about to set. I've always wanted to get a good shot of a sunset on a beach, and this was my opportunity. My husband parked by the beach at the end of Seaward Drive and I was able to get this shot. The peace of this sunset helped me keep calm as I spent an hour driving from Ventura through Santa Barbara in bumper to bumper traffic. I've never been so glad to get to Goleta in my life. Here's the photo.

My Personal Favorite 2016 Photo of the Year
Sunset on the Beach in Ventura, California

Which of my photos do you like best for 2016?

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