Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rain, Rain, and More Rain in Paso Robles

No More Drought Right Here, Right Now

It seems it's been raining for days now. When it's not raining, it's getting ready to rain. The cloud formations are beautiful. Below, the sun is just peeking through a cloud. 

Rain, Rain, and More Rain in Paso Robles, January 2017

Below is a path to the river through Larry Moore Park between storms. 

Rain, Rain, and More Rain in Paso Robles, January 2017

I shot this from my back porch during the rain today. This used to be my dead lawn when I stopped watering it during the drought. I've never seen such puddles there before this year. 

Rain, Rain, and More Rain in Paso Robles, January 2017

I taped this video at the same time I took the photo above. I turned the sound way down because a very noisy vehicle went by while I was shooting this. 

After I shot the video, we ate lunch. Then the sun came back out again for a few minutes before the sky went gray again. It has been raining off and off since then. More rain is expected during the next two days. 

Preserve the Memory of a Full Atascadero Lake and Salinas River

Local Lake Levels and the River are Rising Again

I haven't been out to take my own photos of the local lakes yet, but this video shows how the level of Atascadero Lake has come up since I took pictures during the drought. You can see those photos in the related posts below for comparison. I was happy to see the island surrounded by water again. 

I have been out to see the Salinas River flowing and I took lots of photos. Here are a few. 

Salinas River Overflowing Banks, January 9, 2017

Finally a River View from this  Bench Again

Rain, Rain, and More Rain
Looking North Toward Veterans Memorial Bridge

Although I miss the sun, we will see it soon again. Meanwhile,  I'm thankful for the rain that is filling our lakes and the river again and watering our oaks, street trees, and landscaping. We won't need to water again for weeks. 

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