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Eating Barbecue at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ: A Review

Meeting Friends for Dinner at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ

Eating Barbecue at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ
Entrance of Big Bubba's Bad BBQ, © B. Radisavljevic

Monday Night at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ (try saying that fast a few times) was a filling experience. I'd never been there before, since we usually go to Touch of Paso to eat when we venture out. We were meeting a friend from another state who used to be one of our neighbors in Southern California. We have not met him in person for years, and communication has been by photo and Facebook. He married in January and we'd never met his wife.

Since he was visiting this area on vacation to see family and show his wife lovely spots like Moonstone Beach, we arranged to have dinner together at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ because it was already after two and because they loved barbecue. We were anxious to meet his bride and we were all hungry. I'd love to show you what we ate, but because of the lively conversation and the joy of actually eating the food, I forgot to photograph it. After taking the photo above, I didn't think again about my camera until we were home. I didn't include people in the photo for privacy reasons.

I went back today to get more photos. This one shows the exterior. It demonstrates the Western theme. There are stairs that lead to walkways to the lookout towers and the roof. I can imagine one could walk off dinner on those stairs. At the back of the photo you can see the automobile entrance from 24th Street to the Parking area.

Eating Barbecue at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ
Exterior of Big Bubba's Bad BBQ, © B. Radisavljevic

The Food at Big Bubba's

My readers would probably rather read about the food than our conversation, so I'll discuss that. My husband ordered a half Bubba's Caesar Salad with chicken because he doesn't like to eat a lot in the evening. Portions are large, so half a salad was sufficient. It looked tasty. It came with a delicious looking slice of Texas Toast, which Hubby gave to our friends because he's trying to be gluten-free. They said it was very good. It disappeared fast.

Our friends split an order of Beef Ribs that looked like more than four, but that was probably because they were huge. They seemed to enjoy them, along with their sides of corn on the cob and veggies. We actually didn't talk about the food much except to say it was good. Our actions in gobbling it down spoke louder than words, and no one voiced any complaints.

 I had the Tri Tip Sandwich and told them to hold the mayo and substitute regular jack cheese for the pepper jack cheese. They had no problem with doing that. I only had a taste of the BBQ Sauce that came on the side, but it was a bit strong for my taste. I don't normally eat sauces. They cover up the taste of the meat itself.  The sandwich was delicious without sauce. Lettuce and tomato were enough to enhance it. The meat was cooked to perfection. I had been planning to take half home, but somehow I ate the whole thing there.

You Can Eat Inside or Outside

Eating Barbecue at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ
Outdoor Patio Tables at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ, © B. Radisavljevic

We could have chosen to eat on the patio (above) facing 24th Street, or at any of the tables along the walkway of the building. They are more private and, except for street noise, quieter than the tables inside. I still usually prefer to eat inside because I'm sun sensitive. 

Eating Barbecue at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ
Private Party Tables at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ, © B. Radisavljevic

The music inside is not exactly background, but it won't completely drown out conversation, either. I didn't want to make diners inside feel their privacy was being violated, so I took this picture of what I assume is a room for private parties. That was empty today. The chairs and table style are the same in the main dining room, but the main restaurant is darker. 


If you eat here, you won't leave hungry. I thought my tri tip sandwich was reasonably priced for what I got, and, as I said above, it was delicious.  Hubby rated his salad a four on a scale of ten. He said the lettuce was fresh, but the salad's overall taste was just passable. Perhaps he's not used to Caesar dressing, since he usually orders Italian. He said he likes the salad at Touch of Paso (Yelp Reviews), where he always has Italian dressing, better.  To see what others thought, as well as photos of the food and interior, check out Yelp.

Over all, I enjoyed the experience, but seeing our friends was the best part of it. I would not hesitate to eat there again, but I still think Touch of Paso (my review) is a better value if you enjoy American food, don't care if it's barbecued, and can get there before it closes at two. 

Have you eaten at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ in Paso Robles? If so, what did you think of your experience there? You can comment below. The sharing buttons are just above the comment box if you'd like to share this review. The image below is just the right size to pin. 

Eating Barbecue at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ: A Review

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