Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sunset on Daily Blogging Here

For some time I have realized that daily blogging about Paso Robles photos is more than I can keep up with and do justice to my topics.

This is one of many blogs, and it has caused me to neglect others, such as Barb's Garden Observations, The Writing Life of Barbara Radisavljevic,  Bookworm Buffet, my book review site, and my other local blog, Tidbits from Templeton . I would like to spend more time on these blogs and on my main website for home and school educators, Books to Remember, which is devoted to reviewing children's books and educational resources and teaching materials.

Health issues make it impossible to continue all I have been doing. A daily blog is just too much now, when combined with working on other sites. I will still be posting here when I have something specific I want to share, such as an art event, a new photo walk with scenery that's new to me, or whatever else I think might interest you. Right now, though, health issues prevent frequent photo walks, as well as walking very far alone. I hope to still post here at least once a week. All I'm backing away from is the commitment to daily posting. 

I would like to invite my local readers in North San Luis Obispo County to check out Barb's Garden Observations once in a while to see what's happening in my garden. It's a photographic garden journal where I share not only what's in bloom, but also what I'm learning and the different creepy crawlies I discover in my garden.

I will miss daily blogging on this site, but I'm recognizing my limitations and doing what makes sense. I want to thank all those who have read my posts regularly, and I hope you will continue to visit, even though posts won't be as frequent.

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