Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sharing the Road Should Work Both Ways

Today I drove to Cambria to beat the heat. I took my photo walk along the coastline. The temperature there was only in the high seventies or low eighties. At home, it was in the triple digits.

Sharing the Road Should Work Both Ways
Guess Who's Not Sharing the Road

After I'd spent time at the beaches and taken lots of photos, which I will be sharing in future posts, I started south again on Moonstone Drive's scenic route. Unfortunately, a group of six or seven cyclists was just ahead of me. You can see them in the photo above.

Please notice the wide area to the right of the cyclists. Just over that white line is a bike lane, and there is even more space to the right of the bike lane. There is a law that cyclists are to ride single file on public roads. That doesn't look like single file to me. I could not cross that double yellow line without violating a law myself, so  I was forced to drive at a crawl behind these fellows.

The fellows weren't kids. One had gray hair and the others appeared to be in their thirties or forties. They were definitely old enough to know better than to hog the road. There were also cars behind me that were forced to creep for almost a mile behind these guys until they finally decided to do the right thing and pull over to let us pass.

Everywhere I drive in my community, I see signs that say "Share the road." That should not apply only to those in motor vehicles. There's a reason motorists sometimes resent those on bicycles, and these men demonstrate that reason. It's one thing when the road is narrow and there are no bike lanes. In that case, there's no alternative to creeping behind a bike until it has room to pull over or the motorist gets to a place where passing is not dangerous. As you can see, this was not the case here.

Please, cyclists, be as courteous to the cars behind you as you would want them to be to you.
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