Saturday, September 5, 2015

Guess Whom I Found In My Sprinkler Box

Frog in Sprinkler Control Box, © B. Radisavljevic
It seems I've had sprinkler problems since I took over my mom's house in Paso Robles. The irrigation system I inherited is part drip and part sprinklers. The front sprinkler controls are housed in a wooden box near the front porch. Since it has a lid, it stays dark and somewhat damp compared to the rest of the yard. The frequent leaks near the valves add to the dampness. So it's not surprising that when I called a friend to help me troubleshoot my irrigation problems, we discovered this fellow hiding out in the box.

Frog in Sprinkler Control Box, © B. Radisavljevic
In this picture, you get a better look at his feet. His toes would indicate he’s a tree frog. I just saw this free video on Amazon that would indicate this is an American Green Tree Frog. That makes sense.

I haven't seen my little froggy friend since I stopped using the sprinklers. I'm finding the sprinkler attached to my hose that I use manually is more efficient at watering my flower beds until I can afford to redo the drip system.

Tree frogs are kind of cute. If you don't have a real one, maybe you would like one of these.

If you do have a real one or find one you want to keep, this will help. Click the cover for purchase information. 

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