Sunday, September 6, 2015

Exterior Decorating On Pine Street In Paso Robles

Exterior Decorating on House on Pine Street, © B. Radisavljevic
One day I happened to walk down Pine Street from 16th Sreet up to 13th Street. I was fascinated at how some people had made their homes attractive and unique with their exterior decorating. I’d like to show you one of these homes I passed. Naturally that will mean showing you pictures of some of the details that caught my attention.  This is the  view of the home I saw as I approached it from the front.

Notice the heart design in the concrete walkway. Notice the other hearts you see in the décor. There’s at least one on the fence at the back left and another on the left side of the window. Another interesting and unique detail is the address sign at the top of the gate. The address is on a trailer being pulled by a vintage car. Be sure to click the pictures to enlarge them so you can see the details.

Exterior Decorating on House on Pine Street, © B. Radisavljevic

Don’t you love the hearts in the parkway concrete leading to the sidewalk?
I had to take the side view because it was garbage day and I didn’t want the garbage cans in the picture.  Imagine approaching this at the angle you would be seeing it if you were actually walking up to the house.
The hearts are also in the concrete

Exterior Decorating on House Fence on Pine Street, © B. Radisavljevic
I think you will agree that this home is inviting. You would not imagine being greeted by a vicious dog, but only friendly pets and people. This home says ”welcome” in many ways. It’s decorated simply, using many items recycled for that purpose. You won’t see another home just like it anywhere that I can think of. I hope it may inspire you to do more with the materials you already have to make your home’s exterior express your family as well as this family did with their home. Wouldn’t you like to meet these people?

Exterior Decorating on Porch and Fence on Pine Street, © B. Radisavljevic
This is the right side of the porch. More wind chimes. A planter of decorative objects below, and a planter with a plant on the shelf at the back of the porch. There is a closer look at the décor on the fence in the shot above.

The green and yellow of the plants contrast with the red and brown of the fence. The decorations on the fence give you a glimpse into the family’s sense of fun and what they think is cool.

Exterior Decorating on House on Pine Street, © B. Radisavljevic
Notice the way the fence on the left by the front door is decorated. Note the collection of wind chimes on the roof of the porch. I can imagine someone jumping on that bike and going for a ride. I can also imagine this family enjoying sitting on their porch the way families used to, watching the world go by.

Windchimes can add a unique and quick decorative touch to your home's exterior. These also make wonderful housewarming or wedding gifts.

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