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Kennedy Club Fitness is a Great Smart Day Retreat

Kennedy Club Fitness is a Cool Place!

On a Smart Day, when you want to stay cool away from home, Kennedy Club Fitness is a cool place for members to beat the heat. Not only is the temperature inside kept cool enough for people to be able to work out in comfort, but all the clubs have beautiful swimming pools like this one at the Atascadero club. 

Kennedy Club Fitness is a Great Smart Day Retreat
Kennedy Club Pool, Atascadero, © B. Radisavljevic 

When you join Kennedy Club, you have access to all four clubs: Paso Robles, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, and Arroyo Grande. The first three locations have a 50-meter outdoor pool complex of the quality of the one pictured above. The lap pool in Arroyo Grande is only 25 yards. My husband swims regularly at the Atascadero Club pool and loves it. When he swims there, he not only cools off, but also saves water at home by taking most of his showers there.

Kennedy Club Fitness Is a True Club

For those who want to get to know other members, there are plenty of activities to facilitate that. Today as I type this, the Annual Open House where there are some very good membership deals, is happening. You get to look around, use the facilities, and get great deals on membership. Year round there are classes and other special activities members can enjoy. By the time you read this, today's Open House will be over, but the Open House usually occurs on the third Saturday of July each year.

As a club member trying to beat the heat on a Smart Day, Kennedy provides all you need. First, it provides many ways to exercise inside or outside. Many people do take advantages of those beautiful swimming pools. I mostly use the exercise bikes and the treadmills, since I don't like swimming. You will find exercise equipment to meet any fitness goal.

Kennedy Club Fitness is a Great Smart Day Retreat
Kennedy Club Equipment, Paso Robles © B. Radisavljevic 

When you get tired of exercise, you can purchase a healthy snack or drink near the lounge.  On Smart Days I like to go to the lounge after I work out. I normally read until I can start using electricity at normal rates again at home. The chairs are more comfortable that at the library, the air is cooler, and food is available if I'm hungry. If I don't want to read, I can watch television and read the captions, since the sound is off. Ping pong tables are available in the lounge if you have someone to play with.

I primarily use the Paso Robles Club, since it's right around the corner from me and I don't like to leave the area. My husband has been a member of the Atascadero Club for at least twenty years, and since he has made a lot of friends there, he continues to go there. He makes full use of the social aspects of the clubs, including classes.

What You Need to Take to Kennedy for Convenience

If you plan to spend much time working out, you will probably want to use a locker, and that means you need a good lock. A gym bag and personal water bottle are also very convenient. Kennedy has water fountains, but you won't want to get off your equipment to make use of them. Here are some I found on Amazon  that will do nicely. 

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Here's Where Kennedy Club Fits into My Smart Day Planning

Depending on how hot is in the house, I might stay in the house and read my Kindle until the heat chases me out. Yesterday I was able to stay in the house all day. The day before it was much hotter and I left at 2:25. I stopped at DMV on an errand. Then I stopped for a burger at J's. About 4 I left for Kennedy Adventure in Paso Robles.

Once at Kennedy, I headed for the exercise bike. I finished on the bike about 4:45. I have a bad knee and that's about all I can do to work out. Then I went to the lounge to read. I got very interested in the book, so I stayed to read until 6:50. I had planned to leave earlier and shop on the way home, but I decided the shopping could wait. I went home to finish the book, instead.

I usually find there is some errand I can do before I go to Kennedy. If I have to shop I  do it after I leave, since I don't want the food to sit in the car. By the time I get home, I've done my errands and finished my workout. That leaves me free of errands if I have a day to work at home the next day.

Next Time You Have a Smart Day, Add Kennedy Fitness to Your Plans

You will return home cooler and healthier. If you missed the Open House Today, Kennedy continues to have good deals on membership often. Follow Kennedy on Facebook to stay informed of the latest promotions and good deals. I write this as a happy member. This is not a sponsored post and the Kennedy Club doesn't pay me anything if you decide to join.

Kennedy Club Fitness is a Great Smart Day Retreat

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