Monday, March 14, 2016

Today is National Pi Day

Today is National Pi Day
Shirt for National Pi Day
© B. Radisavljevic
Today is National Pi Day, so I'm going to go a bit farther away for my photo today. I will take you to Monterey County. 

As one who has always preferred working with words to working with numbers, I had to appreciate this shirt I saw a woman wearing in Spreckels in 2013. I had implored my husband to let us stop for a few minutes on our way to Carmel Valley so I could take a photo walk in the park of this tiny city. The park was a block square. He allowed me seven minutes, since we were rushing to keep an appointment with a prospective tenant.

I don’t have a watch, but I know my husband well. Though the location gave me the impression that this was a Spanish-speaking city, an impression confirmed by not hearing a word of English spoken in the park, I knew my husband would find someone to talk to. I started my walk, taking pictures as I went.

Park in Spreckels, California, © B. Radisavljevic
Park in Spreckels, California, © B. Radisavljevic

One photo led to another. There were colorful flowers I don’t see growing near me. The houses and even the newspapers on the sidewalk were different from those I see in my neighborhood, so I had to photograph them. I couldn’t help leaving the park to walk another block to shoot the fields that surrounded the square mile neighborhood. I knew I’d probably exceeded my seven minutes.

We had started out walking around the park in different directions, and I expected I’d meet my husband somewhere near the middle, but I didn’t. I thought maybe it was because of the detour I took, and he’d be waiting for me in the car. But the car was empty, so I started walking the park again, and I saw him ahead talking to the lady in the pi shirt, and her husband – in English. I guess most of the people in the park were there from Salinas to celebrate a birthday because this little park in Spreckels was safer and quieter.

Today is National Pi Day
I told the woman I liked her shirt because I didn’t like math much either, and pie is also one of my favorite foods. She allowed me to take this picture as long as her face would not be shown.

pi day t-shirtpi day t-shirt

Whether you prefer pi or pie, get yourself a pi shirt to express your opinion or just put a smile on a friend's face.  These shirts also make great gifts for your favorite math fanatic.

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