Thursday, March 31, 2016

Palms in a Golden Sunset

Last night as the sun set I was out taking pictures every few minutes to catch the deepening colors in the sky. Usually I focus on the oak tree in the foreground, but last night the palms in a golden sunset stole the show. 

Palm trees are very common on the California Central Coast and south down to the Mexican border. Most people expect to see the palm trees in postcards of California beach towns and near the beach itself. They are also used in home landscaping and to line residential city streets in cities like Long Beach. 

As you can see in these photos, we also have some in my Paso Robles neighborhood. I feel pretty lucky to get to choose between focusing on the oak tree and the palms in my photos at sundown. Last night I captured a bit of both of them. Do you prefer the palms or the oak trees in your landscapes?

I was amazed to see so many products on amazon related to palm trees. I discovered not only books on the different varieties and how to grow palms, but also palm party favors, inflatable palms for parties, artificial palm trees in pots for interior decorating, and much more -- all on the page you each if you follow that link.

Zazzle also has designers that feature palm trees on their products. You can find more palm tree designs here. 

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