Sunday, November 15, 2015

I Must Stop

Stop Sign, ©B. Radisavljevic
It's hard to write about life as usual when so many, including me,  are still reeling from the events which have sent Parisians off the streets and behind the walls of  their homes. Life is not normal for those in Paris today. When so many are hurting, I must stop to pray -- not just for those with broken bodies, but also for those with broken hearts.

As citizens, we need to pray for those who lead our own country, that they may seek wisdom and be willing to do the hard things when necessary. We need to pray for those who gather intelligence to try to prevent these attacks and for those who fight physically with the enemy who seeks to destroy not just the United States, but any country that values liberty.

So let us pause today and think of those who have lost so much in these last few hours, and those whom hate kills every day throughout the world in less dramatic ways. Let us fight hate by showing love in our families and neighborhoods to those who  do not feel valued. Let our words be gracious and uplifting to those who hurt, including those we live with.

Peace begins at home. It spreads from there. May God help us live in peace with each other.
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