Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Daddy's Home

Daddy's Home Painting by Alfredo Rodriguez

I will be sharing this week some of the art I saw today at Heritage Gallery West in Paso Robles. Since I'm tired tonight, I will just share the one painting that captured my attention as I walked in the door. I could not keep my eyes off it because of the faces. The painting is entitled "Daddy's Home," and it was painted by Alfredo Rodriguez. He is originally from Mexico and is now living in California.

"Daddy's Home" by Alfredo Rodriguez, photo © B. Radisavljevic

You cannot fully appreciate this  painting unless you  see it in person. The faces are expressive, expectant, and full of light. I can see why Rodriguez has won so many  awards.  I'll be showing you more of what's there this week in future posts. One post cannot do  justice to what I saw today. Unfortunately, since I wrote this, Heritage Gallery West has closed its physical location here in Paso Robles, but you can still access them online.

Alfredo Rodriguez: Book Illustrator

 Western painting today
Alfredo Rodriguez has illustrations appearing in many books and periodicals. Two of the art books that contain his work are Western Painting Today by Royal B. Hassick and Contemporary Western Artists by Peggy and Harold Samuels. I was also surprised to see that he has illustrations appearing in a series of children's book by Bobbie Kalman that I've been selling for years. This series for those in grades four to six will interest those all the way up to adult age because of the illustrations and descriptions of life in Native American Nations. They are perfect to supplement any elementary American history curriculum and children love the visual experience that is described in the text. You can see the whole Native Nations of North America series here. Only five of the books, including the two shown below, contain art by Rodriguez. The others are Nations of the Plains, Nations of the Southwest, and Life in a Plains Camp.

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