Sunday, October 30, 2016

Photos of A Lasagna Sky

What is a Lasagna Sky?

A lasagna sky is one that is layered, like lasagna. The layers are white, but in the sky the filling between them is blue. Here's an example. 

Photos of A Lasagna Sky

I took the photo above just south of San Luis Obispo about 11 AM as we were continuing our trip from Paso Robles to Newbury Park on October 29. It had recently rained and the clouds were still in the sky. Not all of them looked like these, but the layered appearance was around until we left Santa Maria and got closer to Buellton. All these photos were taken from a moving car. 

Photos of A Lasagna Sky
Growing Fields We Passed in Santa Maria,  © B. Radisavljevic 

You can see the covered growing fields as we pass by. 

Rest Stop In Santa Maria 

Once we get to Santa Maria, we usually make a rest stop at Trader Joe's off Stowell Road, by Costco, on Bradley Road. They usually offer a sample to snack on and a bit of coffee. They also have clean restrooms. We normally buy something we need there, as well, and it makes a nice break from the road. Yesterday we bought bananas for the rest of the trip. We stopped again on our return trip to buy the other items we needed to take home. They needed to go right into the freezer. 

Do you see lasagna skies where you live? 

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