Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Elusive Sunsets with Clouds and No Rain

Beautiful Sunsets are Elusive Now

Now that we've had no rain for a while, beautiful sunsets inland are getting harder to find. I look at the sky in the late afternoon, see clouds, and get hopeful. By the time the sun starts to set, the clouds have disappeared. So I wait for these elusive sunsets most days, only to be disappointed when there aren't any clouds to make them unique and add color to the sky. Tuesday night I got lucky. The clouds decided to hang around until sundown.

Flowers Want Rain Clouds to Deliver More Water

My flowers, however, miss the rain. They begin to droop or look tired when they are dependent on the little water I can give them.  At least the hollyhocks are blooming, but the carnations are fading fast. I hope the purple hyssop will have more abundant flowers in June, when it is normally at its showiest.

The clary sage on the right edge in the middle is producing large buds, so it's on schedule to be in bloom in June. I need to cut back those oregano spikes at the back before they bloom, so I can dry them for cooking. The irises have finished blooming now, but these that get the most water are busy preparing for next year's growth. We need more rain before summer starts.

Still Hoping for Storm Clouds to Deliver another Rain

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