Monday, February 1, 2016

Blogiversary and Theme Day: Scene from Amsterdam Coffee House in Paso Robles

Theme Day

The first day of every month for City Daily Photo Bloggers is Theme Day. The theme this month is Scene from a Coffee House. Of course, I've chosen a scene from Amsterdam Coffee House in Paso Robles. This photo was cut from the larger scene below. 

I have written about the Amsterdam Coffee House in a previous post almost a year ago, and it has some additional photos. This is the one I'd like to share here.

Amsterdam Coffee House is where people in town meet just to talk or discuss business. The afternoon I was there taking these photos was one of the less busy times in late afternoon. If you'd like to see scenes from coffee houses in other cities and countries, check our theme page on the City Daily Photo Bloggers site.

Today is also my Blogiversary 

I have now been posting to this blog about my "territory" of North San Luis Obispo County every day for an entire year. I started it on Theme Day, February 1, 2015. The theme that month was what we would miss most if we had to leave the area where we lived. I wrote  What I'd Miss Most if I Had to Leave Paso Robles Forever.  Everything I said there is still true. 

I started this blog to see if I could commit to posting consistently  every day to the same blog. All that the City Daily Photo Bloggers required was a photo a day with a few words about it. That's what most City Daily Photo Bloggers do. I cannot seem to cover the subjects I blog about that quickly. I believe, though, that I will have to switch into that mode this year because I have several other blogs this one has been stealing posting time from. I will probably post my photo a day  and then link to a more extended treatment of the subject on a related blog I will post to some other site if it is related to California or specifically to the Central Coast. 

Here is a list of some of the other related blogs, most of which have been inactive while I've been writing this one. 

All Around California | Highlighting the Golden State
Trees in My World | "Only God Can Make a Tree"
The Sky Is God's Canvas | God is the Best Artist
Exploring North San Luis Obispo County: Really the beginning parts of a website that suffered when I started my City Daily Photo Blog. It also has a blog attached but I haven't posted much to it yet.
Life Through My Camera Lens; Contains many photos of the North County and material not available on my blogs.

I will be adding more content to the above sites in the following months and using this blog to show you what inspires me daily and to link to relevant posts or pages on the other sites.

I also write about books, education, and writing on the sites below:

Barb's Writing Life: This site is part blog about writing and content writing sites. I'm also putting some of my more general writing I have removed from other sites here.
Bookworm Buffet, my general book review site
Books to Remember: My book review site for children's books and resources for parents and teachers.
Books to Remember Blog: The blog portion of the site deals with children's books and educational issues.
Blogging Tips and Content Writing | How and Where to Write Online Content
Zazzle for Fun and Profit | My Life as a Zazzler
Meditations on Aging and its Issues | Thoughts as I Grow Old

I hope that list explains why I need to minimize how much I write on this blog. I hope I see you on some of my other sites after you see my daily photo.
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