Thursday, October 27, 2016

35th Anniverary Celebration of Kennedy Fitness Club in Paso Robles

First Impressions of the Kennedy Fitness Club 35th Birthday Party Open House

I had no idea what to expect. I knew they were encouraging members to renew their memberships and giving those who renewed free tee-shirts. I had already renewed and got my shirt. 

 I was happily surprised to see a friend I'd lost touch with and have a chance to catch up with her a bit. But I didn't see much evidence a party was about to happen. I had come early to get a parking place with the intent to do my workout before the celebration started, so that's what I did. I expected that when I finished, the party would be in full swing. 

35th Anniverary Celebration of Kennedy Fitness Club in Paso Robles

The Party

When I finished my cycling on the stationary bike, I came downstairs expecting to see evidence of the festivities in the lounge. I saw nothing unusual except a couple of people sitting in the chairs with plates of food. I finally asked where the food was being served and was pointed to the hallway that led to a gym I didn't even know was there. The door was open. 

There was little light inside, and most of the chairs around the tables were already occupied. The food was hiding at tables near the farthest wall from the entrance. Most of the light in the room came from the strings of lights you see and the spotlight where the band was supposed to play. When I was there it hadn't begun to play yet, and we were treated to loud recorded music instead. 

The food was mostly ethnic and quite tasty. It was served by local caterers that did themselves proud. This was one of the few times I could not clearly see what was being put on my plate. There just wasn't enough light. I did not leave hungry, and I'd tried some new foods. The hard part was finding somewhere to eat it. I finally found a place on the bleachers. 

A Bit of Excitement

As I sat near the wall eating my dinner, there was a sudden explosion a few yards in front me. Some people had been moving the strings of lights and one fell. At least one light exploded, but there may have been more. It was too dark to see exactly  what  happened. I felt sorry for the crew with brooms that were trying to sweep up the pieces in the dim light. 

By the time they cleaned up as best they could, I had finished eating and it was time for me to leave. It had been a Kennedy Club Fitness Paso Robles Adventure. Happy Anniversary, Kennedy Club!

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