Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How I Got Rid of This Black Widow

It's Easy for Black Widows to Creep into a Garage

I believe this is the same black widow that was hanging out on my overhead garage door last week. I had to be very careful when I opened it because I wanted to make sure this lady wasn't going to drop on me. This is where I found her today, very close to the garage door.

I'm still storing a lot of boxes, and I know some of these spiders are going to creep into them. That's why I plan to wear heavy gloves when I start going through those boxes. I will also have a can of Terro Spider Spray next to me when I start sorting through those boxes.

I hadn't planned to deal with black widows today, but I saw this lady when I was bringing the groceries in. I had to take her photo first, since these spiders often scurry away before I can photograph them. It was windy, and the door was open, so I'm surprised she didn't run away.

After I Took the Picture, I Killed the Black Widow

Last time I was at Walmart to pick up a prescription, I knew I needed a weapon to use against the spiders. I decided to get Terro Spider and Ant Killer -- the only product Walmart had to kill spiders. I hate using sprays, and I don't use them for ants. I just don't want to get too close to a black widow and a spray is just the right treatment for a spider that's out in the open, as you can see this one is. 

When I tried to use it last week, the spider was above my head. I couldn't get the spray to come out. I guess it's because I was aiming up. I'm supposed to keep the can upright or aim slightly down. I'm  very glad the spray decided to work  today. I'm pretty sure it killed the spider. She tried to get away, but I think it finally killed her. I saw a small black heap on the garage floor after I no longer saw the spider in her web. It does take a few seconds for the spray to actually kill the spider. 

Had I shopped on Amazon first, I would have found Terro Spider Killer, which gets rave reviews. I'm guessing it's pretty much the same product since what I used also kills both spiders and insects. I expect I'll order the double pack of spider killer because it's supposed to help to spray it around the outside of your house to discourage spiders and other annoying insects from coming in. 

Protect Yourself. Be Prepared.

Don't wait until the spider is in your territory to buy the spray. You may not be able to find it locally when you need it. I had to settle for what I could find, even though it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Fortunately it worked, but it was the only choice I had.

 If you don't have heavy work gloves, it's good to have those on hand, too. They will do double duty in the garden when you have to get rid of thorns or prune roses. 

Stock up now and be prepared for the invasion that's coming. 


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