Friday, June 24, 2016

Had a Cool Late Afternoon Doing Errands in San Luis Obispo


When it's hot, I try to find an errand to do in San Luis Obsipo. Today I had a great excuse to go. I had to pick up my computer from the MacSuperstore. They were very good to me, as they always are. One of the tech people spent close to an hour with me,  so I'd be sure the problems I'd been concerned about were solved. He also reinstalled all the programs that had been on the old hard drive that were not yet on the new one. As a finishing touch he installed a free malware program. Then he helped me pack up the computer and he carried it to the car.


As soon as I got back into the car we headed across the highway to Costco to get gas and shop. From the parking lot we had clear views of the hills that surround Costco and the Target Center.   I snapped the photos while  Hubby was getting out of the car. It was cool enough in San Luis Obispo today that people actually might have enjoyed hiking the trails in those Irish Hills. We didn't have time, and needed to finish our shopping and get home.

Below you can see the hills south of the MacSuperstore and the Target Center. The hills look closer than they are. You have to walk about two blocks to get to Los Osos Valley Road, the main highway  to Los Osos. Were you to cross it, you would be headed for more parking lots and businesses located in the Target Center. The hills really wrap around the city. These photos  were both taken from the Costco parking lot, but from different directions. 

One thing I love about San Luis Obispo County is that I can almost always see a mountain or a tall tree. I grew up in a flat place in Southern California. I never realized what I was missing when I was growing up, since I rarely left our small town. San Luis Obispo County has it all -- mountains, trees, and the ocean. 

 This was a great day to be in San Luis Obispo. When we left Paso Robles this afternoon at five o'clock, it had been 105 degrees. When we got to San Luis Obispo, it was in the seventies. When we got home again at 8:30, it was in the high eighties. We were able to escape the heat and turn off the air conditioning at home at the hottest time in our house. When we got home,  we could open the windows and get the inside temperature back down to the high seventies. I wish I had time to escape again tomorrow, but I'll be setting up my iMac and getting used to it again after using a PC almost exclusively for months.  

What terrain to you prefer to live in (or on)? Do you like your land mountainous or flat? What do you do to beat the heat?

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